Матушка Россия

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Матушка Россия (Mother Russia), 2005

painted on wood
160 x 120 x 60 cm

One of my first works that refers on the theme of identity. It is about the feelings for “my” two countries: Russia and Germany. I associate myself to Matrjoshka, the souvenirs of the famous Russian doll. I feel to belongs to both but at the same time to none of them, so I identify myself with either the black one with closed eyes, asleep like she were dreaming her memories, or the white one with open eyes, full of desire and curiosity for the future. I hand-painted the dolls with the famous Russian rag pattern that underlines my roots in Russian handcraft traditions. In this work the Russian traditional symbol from tourist store is re elaborated and put on the basement to be transformed in art.

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