Apple Tree

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Apple Tree, 2015/2016

latex, jars
variable dimensions, installed at Wharepuke Sculpture Park, New Zealand


Apple Tree explores the relationships between the content and the container, the form and its meanings. The work is consist of 60  jars containing latex  apples hanging on a tree. The apples were created by covering real apples with multiple layers ,once dry the apples are taken out leaving a thin skin. It has the exact same shape of the original object but when taken in hand it reveals its true nature: an empty shell with no content. Latex is used in art to create moulds (the so called negative of a sculpture). In  Apple Tree, the objects in latex are both the positive and the negative: there is only a thin membrane that separates these two opposite concepts.The material itself has its own life, changing colour and shape like the skin of a human being, and this evolution is part of the concept behind these works.

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