L’occhio e la luna viola

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L’occhio e la luna viola (Dreaming Violet Moon), 2011

ceramic glazed, wood, gypsum, sofa
in private collection
100 x 250 x 100 cm

An Ikea couch on which are resting two foreign objects: an eye enlarged to the size of a human head, and a sphere that looks like a shrunken planet that can be picked up with a hand. It is an unusual situation, where an everyday object with a common design is mixed with two imaginary elements. The individual elements are all clearly recognizable, but the overall atmosphere is abstract and unrealistic.
In our modern life, devoted to consumption and concerns for economic growth, there are still dreams of other worlds, of another way of living and perceiving the life. In this work, the desire to find a fantastic dimension in our everyday reality is represented in an ironic way, opening the door to the imagination of each observer who is invited to create his/her own history behind the elements that he/she observes.

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