Maglione portafortuna

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Maglione portafortuna (Lucky Sweater), 2014

wool and 3.000 Senegalese bracelets
80 x 50 cm

This sweater is made of 3000 so-called ‘lucky bracelets’ and it is wearable. These bracelets are sold in Milan by Africans, mostly Senegalese with no VISA, who came to Europe in search of a better life, hoping to settle in Italy and to earn money for them and their families. Their future is in their hands: a bunch of lucky bracelets. The bracelets should bring luck also to them, who take them around trying to sell.
The idea of my project ‘Maglione portafortuna (Lucky Sweater)’ comes from the observation of these young Africans, who often live in a parallel world inside the Italian society. They go all around the city, speaking to people. They want to sell something different and at the same time they try to communicate their culture, their hopes, their sunny smile even if they have difficult situations.
I bought 3000 bracelets from an African guy and sent them to my Russian aunt living in Siberia, who is actually making the sweater. This work hides the idea of luck without border, distance, nationality, language, social differences. Everybody is looking for happiness.

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