Oltre le terre fredde

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Oltre le terre fredde (Beyond the Cold Lands), 2011

installation (real birch trunks, sand, cement, wood, photo, video)
variable dimensions (room 1000 x 650 x 1000 cm)

The site-specific work “Beyond the  Cold Lands” for the Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation in Milan is a metaphysic image of my memory. A piece of Taiga is replicated in a large space using birch trunks which are 4 meters tall and placed on sand dunes. Pieces of my memories in Siberia come out from the sand, taking physical form in following works Cement Ballon (2011), Home with Nostalgic Video (2011), and Green Rails (2011). One of three big windows in the room is covered with a semi-transparent mosaic of my family album photographies: Vetrata con Ricordi di Famiglia (Window with family memorie, 2011). People and places, like ghosts from the past, are sharing the space of the installation with the spectators.

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